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Accommodation in Khiva

Arkanchi Hotel

Khiva is magical in the evenings when subtly coloured lights plays on the walls of the gorgeous buildings and there are enough choices of good places to eat, sip green tea or have a beer. It is in a great spot in Itchan Kala with views of the wide short minaret and the green domed mausoleum. Arkanchi Hotel was reconstructed and meets all modern standards. The hotel is a remarkable location of the hotel which facilitates the commission of hiking and exploring the magnificent sights of this spectacular city with a long history. The hotel also has its own restaurant uniquely-decorated with its beautiful interior giving of a cozy atmosphere.

Islambek Hotel (3-star)

Hotel Islambek is an excellent choice of accommodation that offers a family-friendly environment alongside satisfies the service needed by the visitors and it also offers an inexpensive deal of stay for their guests. The highlight of the hotel is a rooftop for visitors to stargaze in this beautiful city Khiva. The hotel can be found close to the eastern gate of Khiva and there is a nearby bazaar that is a must go to. This 3 star hotel has also experience in having certified guides that speak English, French, Russian, and Uzbek languages.

Hayat Inn Hotel (3-star)

The Hotel Hayat Inn is a pleasant and a remarkable hotel in this magnificent historical city of Khiva. The hotel provides and organises a car for visitors to drive to remote places, back to Bukhara, or other location that is not within walking distance. With the hotel’s location just outside of Itchan Kala walls, many tourists have enjoyed their sightseeings since the hotel is located nearby. Hayat Inn Hotel features a restaurant, bar, shared lounges, and garden. The well prepared rooms are also provided with wifi and room services whenever needed.