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Place to Visit in Tashkent

State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, founded 136 years ago, is one of the oldest museums in Central Asia. The museum has over 250,000 exhibits that represent Uzbek history from prehistoric times to the present time. It includes over 60 000 archaeological remains, more than 80 000 numismatic, and 16 000 ethnographic artefacts. Collections of numismatics are highly valuable and precious. They include money coined dated as far back as in the 5th century BC such as Alexander The Great. The museum also offers evidence of development of science, poetry, trade in the medieval times of Central Asia.

Kukeldash Madrasah

Currently situated on a high hill within the Chorsu Square, Kukeldash Madrassah was once constructed in the 16th century by the vizier of the Tashkent Khans (1551-1575) who was also known by the name Kukeldash which translates to “The Foster-Brother of the Khan”. Kukeldash Madrasah remains as one of the still intact historical monuments in Central Asia. The monument is raised on a high pedestal and appears on the ancient cultural layers. Its architecture is tradisional where it comprises of a rectangular courtyard with khujras, adorned front facade with a high portal, with arches and minarets covering the corners.

Monument of Courage Earthquake Memorial

The Monument of Courage, also referred to “Courage Monument”, was uncovered on May 20, 1970 and was sculpted by skilled architects, D.B. Ryabichev and S. R. Adylov. It was dedicated to the lives of the men and women that were lost to the consequences of the Tashkent earthquake in 1966. The monument was established in 1976 to mark the 10th anniversary of the disaster. The sculpture was built in the form of an Uzbek man shielding a woman and child from the earth opening up before them with a granite cube displaying the time of the first tremor which was 5.22am. The complex also includes the museum building of USSR’s Friendship of Peoples.